The Belgian Draught-horse Museum

  Located at the former municipal hall of Vollezele, the museum of the Belgian draught-horse has become through time a recognized value of the country's cultural patrimony. It is yearly welcoming hundreds of visitors from nearby and abroad.

The initiator and promoter of the museum, Philippe van Dixhoorn, was in a straight line issued from the families which exploited the stud-farms in early times. He has succeeded in achieving his dream to create a museum devoted to draught-horses, and his aspiration has been perpetuated thanks to members of his family, friends and volunteers.

In 2012 the museum's concept has been restyled so as to increase its attractiveness for a broader audience.

Various items, displayed in four languages on panels and touch-screens, open the interesting worlf of the draught-horses.

New topics developed in an interactive way, are inviting adolescents and schools.

The visit of the museum can be extended by a lovely walk of about 3,5 Km, called "Brillant walk", offering an opportunity to discover sites related to the history of the Belgian draught-horse, but as well to contemplate splendid horses grazing in the meadows.


Where to find us ?
 On the "Oudstrijdersplein" at Vollezele (postal code 1570, part-municipality of Galmaarden, Vlaams-Brabant) which is sited along roadway N255 from Ninove to Edingen [Enghien]. The museum is located just in front of the monument devoted to the stallion"Brillant".